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We at dEUp provide you with quality produce from trusted origins. Our ingredients can be used on an industrial level or with tailor made packaging to suit your retail customers in any language. Private labels are at the core of our business from bulk to 500 grams packaging. As our main goal is to surprise you with restaurant quality products at the purchasing rate you need to make a healthy profit. Typical products in our portfolio consist of preserved vegetables, pasta’s, herbs, vinegars, oils and confectionary goods. Of course we offer a solution for most articles by also having the option of obtaining the bio/organic certified product.

For every need you have we think with you all the way and find solutions that make everybody smile. The core of our business is keeping costs low and providing people with quality produce without compromising on quality. 

Feel free to ask for our catalogue for more ideas about the products we offer or, even better, just give us a call and ask us what you need and together we will find a solution. 

Looking forward

dEUp believes it is time for a plant-based revolution, an inescapable change in the face of the immense challenges facing the planet. The fact that there will be 9 billion men and women to feed in tomorrow’s world has made plant-based food an inescabable key

for the well-being of future generations, in terms of both the quantities to be produced and the ways they are  produced.

Nature is our most precious asset, and will not wait. We cannot remain blind to the warning signs, we must react. Climate change, soil depletion and biodiversity loss threaten to undermine the balance of nature and in turn that of humanity.

At dEUp, we believe that we must lead the way, offer innovative and pertinent solutions to feed people better while respecting the planet and thereby ensuring the well-being of future generations.

We are committed and are innovating from field to plate to create a better future through plant-based food, because it is our firm belief that nature is our future.

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Quality Control

As we are trading with all EU approved factories all the products that we offer are of an international standard most of the facillities are HACCP, IFS, BRC or QS standard. With the ever growing demand for traceability in the Supply Chain Management in the food sector We are able to offer full auditing assistance to those clients requiring this.

Market Information


Our closeness to the market worldwide allows us to provide you with information to help make the right decisions whether you are purchasing or selling. Prompt response to all inquiries. The contact base that we established over many years means that we can immediately understand your problem and work with you to support and guide you to the solution that best suits your business.



With extensive experience exporting to our partners in the world. We can arrange cost efficient delivery no matter where you are in the world. We use the same energy and integrity that we do with trading to achieve the best rates with the most reliable carriers.

The production process


Our Canned goods circuits begin with nature. Our agricultural partners, who guarantee that the environment is respected, harvest and provide vegetables which strictly respect every detail of our supply charter.

Reception, acceptance

All the analyses and checks aim to ensure the conformity of the vegetables with dEUp’s requirements: taste, size, maturity, colour, etc.

Sorting by ventilation

An air-flow system separates the denser products (seeds) from the lighter ones (leaves, pods).

Stone removal, washing

An air-flow system isolates any stones, shards of glass, and other objects, from the selected vegetables. The vegetables are then washed: this essential operation removes foreign materials (soil, dust) and potential contaminations from the soil.

End trimming

Our machine mechanically trims the tips off all vegetables.


Extra-fine, fine, very fine, etc. Certain products, once in the perforated cylinders, are selected based on their size.


This operation uses hot water or steam to remove the gases contained in the vegetables, toning down overpowering tastes, and reducing enzymatic degradation.


The ideal quantity of vegetables must be dosed according to what is stated on the label. We use particularly precise volumetric or weight processes.


Juice composed of water, salt and spices is used in most canned products. This reveals the taste of the products, while improving their cooking conditions.


Another important step, where cans are sealed using an innovative folding system. A tightening process guarantees watertightness and thus preserves the vegetables. The Best Before Date can then be indicated on the can.


Any microbes that could render the product unfit for consumption are destroyed. A very high temperature ensures that the vegetables are cooked and preserved.

Storage of blank cans

Once cooled, the cans are stacked and placed on palettes, then stored in warehouses. This is towards the end of the half-day period between the field and the factory.


Following the preparation of the order, we proceed to the labelling process. The consumer must be able to find simple and clear information in his language: nutritional value, contents, guidelines, weigh

Contact us:
+316 374 033 59